“We are home! Thanks for everything. I always freak out before we leave, but once we’re gone I can relax knowing they are in great hands. Cats look amazing. Perfect mound of dry food! Cheryl – you are too effing sweet. Coming home to those plants was such an amazing welcome home. I can’t believe you did that! I love plants too, and the day I get offended that someone bought some…well, that day shall never come! Thanks for everything. We’ll mail you a check Cheryl for the extra bird food. It was very nice to come home and not have to worry about running to get more. You guys rock!”

-Lindsey O.

“Jill Cook and Wagging Rights are hands down the best, most attentive, compassionate, and reliable pet sitters that I have ever had. Having a senior dog and senior cat at home often means meeting special needs, and I entrusted their care to Wagging Rights with absolute confidence.”


“We have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Jill and Wagging Rights. She has always been dependable and trustworthy, and it is evident that she cares for Max, Mia, Loki and Lucas as If they were her own. Her love and attention to them gives us so much peace of mind when we have to be away. Jill is also extremely polite and clean, and takes care of our home in the way that we would. We love Jill and would recommend her services!”



WhatsApp Image 2017-12-29 at 16.25.39“I give Waggings Rights my paw of approval!”