Pet sitting in your home — going out of town and don’t want to leave your dog or cat alone? This option is designed for you. I will stay in your home (I will even let your dog sleep in the same bed as me).

COST: Base price $60 per day. Price can vary according to extra ‘house duties’ such as watering plants or yard work. (As of October 1, the base price will increase to $70 per day)

Pet sitting for cats — some cats prefer the solitude and need just a little human interaction. I will visit your feline friend as needed, keeping up with food, water, litter box and play time. Each visit is about 60-75 minutes.

COST: $25 per visit.

Special medical needs — have a full day of meetings and a pet with special medical needs? This abbreviated visit can help you and your pet stay on schedule. I will administer the medicine according to directives and, for dogs, will let them out for a quick potty break.

COST: Base price $15 per visit. This price varies according to temperament of pet.

Before agreeing to any pet sitting or dog walking service, I must meet with you and your pet(s). Each of these arrangements can be modified to meet your and your pets’ needs. Options can be discussed upon first meeting.