About Us

My name is Jill Cook. I am one of the luckiest people because I love my job. I play with cats and dogs all day!

I’ve been working with pets since 2007, when I was hired on at a local veterinary clinic. In 2009, I pet sat for one of the veterinarians. You might say it was fate, as one thing led to another and now I am the owner/operator of Wagging Rights. I no longer work for the veterinary clinic, but I have built a strong relationship with them and other veterinarians in the area.

Before that, I worked several odd jobs and got myself through college, thanks also to the G.I. Bill.

Wagging Rights has begun working with a few other pet sitters to help meet your needs.


Jasmine began working with us Thanksgiving 2013. We met in 2012 while working at Kingsbury Animal Hospital. Jasmine completed a high school internship at Kingsbury and was so impressive that she was offered a job there upon completion. She now has another position, but her experience at the animal hospital and her love of pets have made her a perfect fit for us.

IMG-20200326-WA0000Donna has been with us since 2016. She was introduced via a mutual friend and immediately proved herself invaluable. Donna teaches veterinary science at Gateway STEM High School and is an educated/trained vet tech. Her love is obviously pets, but she also enjoys belly dancing.